Debbie Harbinson

Hi! I’m here for someone just like you – someone who wants to reduce stress, while allowing more joy and ease in their life.

About my work…
In all the areas of my nursing experience, whether it was operating room, home health, faith community, geriatric care, or end of life, I have learned that people are never broken or lacking in knowing what is best for themselves.

Did I always know this?
No, I did not, so I spent many years throughout my nursing career learning from teachers of spirituality and psychology offering various techniques to help me find more simplicity in both my personal and professional life. As I completed these advanced trainings and the many certifications, I found they were not connecting me to the deeper human experience I was searching for, though they were valuable in the short term. Yet, over many years, I did begin to see in an entirely new way how the human experience is created and how we operate in the world.

So now?
Through learning over several years a simple, yet rich and new paradigm in mental health, I was transformed! I awakened to an understanding of where joy, love, resilience, and our true wellness reside in us. Concerns now appear less complex and I find clarity in my actions. Though I wish I had known this earlier in life; not to mention in the beginning of my nursing career, I know I was meant to be inspired when I was and am now committed to share this with others. Allow yourself to benefit from my years of experience and join me in a community of joy and possibility!
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