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Reclaim Your Passion and Joy for Nursing

  • Release the sense of overwhelm that feels never-ending
  • Reconnect with the pure desire to help people
  • Revive yourself to a new outlook on you and your relationship to others
  • Reawaken to the fun and levity in nursing that makes us so very special

 Tap into your innate wisdom through new understandings!

Services I Provide For My Clients

You choose how we work together. If you’re looking for one-on-one coaching, join me for a personal journey of discovery.

Searching for meaning and connection during this difficult time? Virtually join like-minded people who want to play, laugh, and learn together. Thrive with others as you embrace health, happiness, resilience and peace.

1:1 Coaching

  • Co-create with Debbie a 60 minute experience of possibilities, a deeper understanding of how life works, and have fun! 
  • Offered as a 6 session package to be completed within 2 months.
  • Unlimited Voxer and email access to Debbie for 2 months
  • Debbie will customize the presentation for all groups.
  • Topics include Compassion, Joy and FUN in nursing, Holistic Care, Self-care, Therapeutic Laughter and the Science of Humor
  • To book Debbie for a speaking engagement, please contact her at Debbie@harbinsonwellness.com.
  • Speaking Fees are discussed at time of booking.

Group Coaching

  • Renew your enthusiasm for nursing and see new possibilities in your career
  • Receive small group coaching with Debbie and meet other nurses on the same path
  • Coaching for other caregivers in small groups provided upon request
  • Programs provided over 4-6 weeks depending on topic
  • Contact Debbie to learn if a new group is forming

— About Me

Hi! I’m here for someone just like you – someone who wants to reduce stress, while allowing more joy and ease in their life.

My name is Debbie Harbinson, RN, Master in Healthcare Innovation, board certified Holistic Nurse (HNB-BC), Coach, and Certified Laughter Leader. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and appreciate the time I spend with my family, friends and an intuitive Labradoodle named Chumley. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website; it was created for you and I am so happy you are here!

Debbie Harbinson

Years of

Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.
"I have worked with Debbie through many aspects of life for over a decade. She embodies holism, Presence, authenticity, and (I believe) a nearly supernatural ability to connect, support and facilitate a person's path to full health, true joy--and don't forget full-body restorative laughter! Her caring and experienced eyes and spirit assist with each person's own unique wellness pursuit, using their body's own wisdom. Whether walking through grief or rebuilding joy, peace of mind is offered as a loving companion. Debbie's work is sacred. And anyone who gets to work with her will be blessed. "
Linda Geiger
"My boyfriend and I have been together almost 4 years and were experiencing a rough patch of no communication which led to a lot of fighting all the time. When we met with Debbie, she let us say what was on our minds and what was in our hearts and to know where that was coming from. She taught us to breath, self reflect and to understand our thoughts and our feelings and that of the other person. Debbie let us truly take in the words and ask questions! We couldn’t have moved on without her."
"Debbie Harbinson is truly a “nurses’ nurse! Her love and passion for this discipline is immense. Debbie has many years of clinical practice in a wide variety of settings combined with the breadth of wellness strategies to facilitate much needed solutions to nurses during such stressful and tumultuous times. Rather than a one size fits all approach, Debbie puts her nursing process to work to collaboratively partner with nurses to build a strength-based approach to staying well and find the joy in the daily work of nursing. I know many of my nursing colleagues will enjoy working with Debbie as much as I do."
Jan Dougherty
"Debbie Harbinson is a joy to work with! She is a blessing to many!! I am so grateful to have her in my life as a dear friend, nurse colleague, and member of my laughter family! She is caring, compassionate, and professional. She has been a wonderful mentor in my life's journey. I would highly recommend working with Debbie to re-ignite the creative, compassionate, and yes, even playful, healing within YOU!"
Debbie Derflinger

With wisdom, people see beyond the filters and biases of race and culture, to realize the beauty of everyone. Sydney Banks

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